Align Boring Solutions

On-Site Line Boring Services

South Australia, Adelaide Metro & North West Rural

Mobile Owner Operator - Kym Rollison

30 Years experience in General Engineering

Mob: 0429 943 920



Key Benefits
  • Machinery is repaired to its original specifications using standard replacement parts, eliminating confusion later on should repairs become necessary in the future.
  • Portable modular mobile service, we come to your workshop or job site eliminating costly transportation. Saving lost production and expensive down time.
  • Major disassembly of the entire machine usually can be avoided to fix one small area. A real cost saver on larger equipment or stationary machinery such as crushers & grinding mills.


Line Boring

Even with the best of care machinery pin and bearing bores can wear out becoming unserviceable, especially in high load hinge points like those found on construction equipment.

They can easily and economically be repaired On-Site with Bore Welding & Line Boring by Align Boring Solutions.


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